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  1. In this huge work on the opus Ambrosia, the composer Parachos Maniatis made a brave attempt to represent the musical colors of the Greek people’s history ranging from 1821 up to almost the present day. First, the struggle against the Ottoman Empire. A struggle which lasted for nearly 100 years and that resulted that the Greeks gained their freedom after 400 years of oppression and humiliation. Then follows the fight against Nazi and fascist occupation, the consequences of the civil war that followed the Axis powers were defeated. The last piece which has the title of reconciliation / fraternization reproduces the years when Greece goes back to its democratic values and leave behind years of dictatorships, monarchies, civil war, anarchy, social injustice and oppression of its own population.

    With little knowledge of these historical events, the listener should be able to get a better grasp of the messages of the composer’s brilliant work and he/she will appreciate more the music’s language, colors and dynamics.

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