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  1. A dozen small pearls under the title of “Nostalgia” One of the very first works of the composer. Nostalgia arises when staying abroad for long periods of time and have left behind unforgettable good memories of his homeland in terms of its people, nature, youth experiences in terms of friendship, competence , games and love.

    In the island of Lesbos, where the culture has flourished since Homeric years, where poetry, literature and music has been a non-secluded area of ​​each islanders life, is not strange that the tradition lives on and can give talented composers who can pass on the same quality and inspiration for future generations!

    Paraschos Maniatis managed one more time to give musical color to the island’s folkloric traditions.

    Even the lyrics are chosen with care and they give a deep insight into every listener who understands Greek.

    Orchestration – dictated by the composer himself – is also made with consideration to local musical instruments so that character of music should be reproduced according to traditional strict rules.

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